Where to Get HCG Drops

HCG stands for (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and is a type of hormone taken by women subsequent to the birth of their child and assists in weight loss. However, prior to the crack down by the FDA, HCG was available in just about any drug store in the market in the form of an imitation or a drug that was and did not contain the benefits that you can acquire from HCG.

Before the FDA regulations came to place, HGC was available in a form that did not actually contain this particular drug; rather, contained vitamin B12 or amino acid that assisted the body to produce this hormone. However, there is a trigger that is required in the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus that assists in production of this hormone and the FDA was unsure as to where the over the counter drugs were sufficient in production in Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. As such, it was necessary to check the production and supply of these drugs.

Essentially, this drug is meant to suppress hunger via prompting the fat in your body to be burned for energy as opposed to the food you have taken. Therefore, the drug was meant to help in weight loss. According to the FDA the best health care professionals to approach when looking for HCG are your personal physician or enlist the services of a weight loss clinic. There are those FDA certified clinics and physicians who help you toward getting the best HCG drops in the market. Therefore, it is imperative to look into the number of years that your physician or the clinic you make use of has been in business and what customer satisfaction rate that they have with regard to this product.

The Best HCG Product

Essentially, the HCG drops were meant to be used with a 500 Calorie diet and an injection of HCG. However, the problem with this hormone product is that there are no physicians who can quite well explain how it works. Therefore, there is need to know how to differentiate health care professionals that will give you products that will induce HCG production from your body and those that offer the real product that will give you the results that you require.

Factors to Consider when Buying Genuine HCG

It is for this reason that you need to know what company gives you genuine medical HCG drops. It is imperative that you know how to read the ingredients and get to know based on the labeling that you are getting a product that has at least 5,000IU Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Additionally, ensure that you buy your product from a company that offers appropriate instructions in order to mix the HCG properly. This is because HCG injections and drops are not sold pre-mixed and the mixture requires mixing and using within 2 months.

Companies That Provide the Best HCG drops

In actual fact, HCG drops contain 10,000IU and are more costly. Therefore, you should not go for cheaper medicine under the assumption that you are getting a bargain for your HCG drops. NuImage Medical is one such company that provides you with the best of HCG products. All transactions are done online and there is no need for physical visits to the physician. Additionally, you have 7 days support as well as a diet coach as you make use of your HCG intake. You will also receive a handbook that will act as a guide to all the requirements for use of your dosage.

Additionally, you will get 24 hours shipping to USA, Australia and UK as well as other countries that you may be located in. however, it is imperative that you first visit your physician in order to get your prescription in order to get the best HCG drops that will help you reduce any weight gain subsequent to your pregnancy.

HCG safety is important and you should ensure that you make use of a company that provide this for your medical benefit after your bundle of joy has arrived and you need to restore your weight back to the way it was before. The product is safe and is appropriate for bringing back your former figure after birth. The company mentioned above is but one of many that provide the appropriate HCG drops that you require. It is imperative to note that the FDA has streamlined the product development of HCG drops and proper information on your part goes a long way. All you need to do is consult various websites in order to find out what company best suits your needs insofar as this product is concerned.



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