Let’s get healthy the smart way!

Today we live in a world which is very smart, say a smart-phone or a smart-watch or even a smart-book, so why not exercise and be healthy the smart way. When today’s world is all about being fast and wanting to have quick, easy and accurate results, there is no question that being healthy and reaching your weight goals need to be fast. There are a million ways to do that and trust me; I have tried a lot of them. Starved, done the Fruit Diet, hit the gym (a lot), been on a liquid feast and so on and so forth.

But I still wondered was there anything where I would not have had to starve and also reached my weight goals on time?

Have any of you been on such a struggle as mine?

 If so I can say, well YES ! There is a delicious answer to your problems. It is having a smoothie for breakfast and one as your evening snack.

Have you ever wondered where you gain those extra kilos in your day? Let me tell you, it’s the deep fried oily snack that you eat at your tea-time, but nothing to be ashamed about we all do it.  Oh Yes! I definitely did it, until I came across this wonderful remedy for my pain, tears and frustration. Having smoothies is something I have been doing for a few years now. Apart from the obvious results of weight loss, there a so many other advantages too. Let me state a few!

  • To start off with, they are beyond delicious, tasty, and a great source of getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies
  • It is a great boost to your immune system
  • It is a complete detox, if you add any green leafy veggies to it
  • It is super quick to make, (less than 10 minutes) and can be made with almost anything in your pantry and fridge
  • So many variations and so many options with so many colors
  • Totally kid friendly and early start to their healthy life
  • Improves digestions and a better sleep for a better start
  • Keeps you hydrated and energized
  • Helps to get your hair thick and gives your skin a glow
  • Completely reduces your cravings and total meal flexibility

With bringing Smoothies into my daily diet, my body is not only feeling healthy but my mind is at peace and my soul is happy. So why don’t you all try this and let me know your view / comments / suggestions if any.

Till then stay healthy and stay fit !


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