How the food industry will benefit from 3D printing?

A lot of our favorite cartoons show us scenes from the future where the characters dictate their orders to a machine and then in a matter of minutes, viola! The food of the dream appears. This fantasy may soon become a reality with the invention of 3D printing. This new technology will change the face of the food industry and transform the way we consume food forever. 3D printing will bring a revolution into the food industry like never before.

Not only does 3D printing make saving time in the kitchen possible, but it also is a solution to bring high-quality food into our everyday lives. There have been over $1 billion dollars invested into startups meaning that the market for 3D printing already has high expectations from this amazing new piece of technology. Online recipes and software that operate with extreme precision mean that these printers will be able to create many meals at a reasonable price. On-demand service for the food industry is always wanted, along with convenience in preparing food.

Not to mention Gourmet chefs that can make use of this cutting edge technology to bring even more finesse and creativity in their culinary creations. Baking and confectioneries are already a huge market for 3D printers, with chocolate 3D printing already on the rise since a few years. Using this technology to bring innovation and new products to the market.

3D printing is also used to make prototypes in order to make food of the desired size and shape, meaning there will be less wastage of food thanks to this wonderful invention. The impact of 3D printing is much greater at industrial levels, where processing superior quality food in large quantities is the main goal. images568

Another way that the food industry would largely benefit is by using 3D printing to grow protein artificially and deliver it through 3D printing. This would really resolve the issue of inhumane treatment of animals and reducing the greenhouse gas emission related to burning fossil fuels to bring food to our table.

Not to mention the benefit this will have on feeding the plant. With rising populations and rise in demand of food, 3D printing will revolutionize this forever. With the help of this technology, food can be mass produced to feed millions. This new technology will definitely change and benefit the food industry for times to come.


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