About Us

Oye 24.
They say that the way to anyone’s heart is by satisfying their hunger or quenching their thirst. This is a fact that Oye 24 understand better and that are putting into practice.

Oye24 has a handpicked rotating menu selected by passionate foodies that enables you to choose from the bestest and yummilicious food and drinks in town by ease of a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, in case of a leap year we may take a day off. Guess what, to make your ordering experience more exciting and rewarding, we often give discounts and might surprise you sometimes with exiting gifts.So sit back and relax because from now on awesome food and drinks will be delivered amazingly!

Oye 24 has no time limit. We don’t fail to deliver our orders simply because it is very late at night or very early in the morning. For those working late nights, no more skipping meals because Oye 24 is here for you. You can order different stuff at different restaurants and get them all in one package as we our well organized staff know exactly how to make it easier for you.

Our packaging too is very appealing and delivering food to your home or workplace is no longer embarrassing as it is neatly and smartly packed. Being a competent online supplier, Oye 24 deliver all types of delicacies in terms of snacks, light meals, heavy meals, drinks etc. Oye 24 really understand the healthy nutritional standards whereby we mind what our customers consume in terms of proportions.

What more can we ask for! Oye24 will soon be our online mother to cater for our thirst and hunger as we hustle and tussle to make ends meet. No more fasting at the mere thought of the tedious task of preparing, cooking and even washing after meals.Download our mobile app, order through our website or just take your phone and dial our numbers as we are waiting for your calls for deliveries, inquiries, and even compliments. Oye 24, the name to call.

And what is this Oye? That’s just a colloquial term we use to call a person here!


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